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Asphalt repair and maintenance is a critical component of extending the lifetime of the pavement job.

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Asphalt maintenance

Asphalt Repair Services

Even the best laid asphalt pavement will need repair from time to time. Preferred Paving specializes in not only asphalt paving but asphalt repair. We give Salt Lake City local home and business owners the best asphalt repair services in Salt Lake City, Utah. We concentrate on road repair, first and foremost. This repair work can fix unsightly splitting, cracking and, our favorite, pot holes and extend the life of the pavement for years. We also concentrate on patching, maintenance, paving, sealing and anything to do with asphalt paving. If you’re needing a licensed professional who can assess the paving or asphalt repair needs of your business parking lot, we’re the Utah paving company for the job. Our efficient and tireless team members know a lot about asphalt repair and are happy to provide an estimate or second opinion.


Frequently asked questions

If you have questions about a project, please don’t hesitate to ask. Our team is happy to offer a free consultation to answer all your paving questions.

What is the cost to repair asphalt?

Asphalt is the ideal substance for paving roads, driveways and other surfaces that need to hold up to heavy use. Repairing asphalt is relatively quick and easy and is much more economical than re-paving the surface. Call us for an estimate at 801-908-6622.

Can asphalt be used for driveways?

Our customers prefer asphalt over concrete in many circumstances. Pavement is ideal for long driveways in rural areas and can be much more economical to install than concrete.

Can you repair our existing asphalt?

Yes, we love to repair asphalt even on jobs where we didn’t do the original paving. Asphalt is the easiest paving surface to repair. There are many repair and maintenance options at Preferred Paving. Give us a call at 801-908-6622 and we would love to help out.

Asphalt Road Repair Costs

Preferred Paving is a local company that boasts a terrific reputation in and around gorgeous Salt Lake City. Customers in the Salt Lake and beyond know that they can lean on us for asphalt paving work that’s in a league of its own. They know that they can lean on us for economical price tags and five-star customer service and customer satisfaction practices as well. If you want to give your time to professional road repair specialists who genuinely care about you and your projects, we’re right here. We can give you helpful details that involve the ins and outs of striping. We can give you accurate insight that involves the intricacies of sealing and patching work, too.

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Preferred Paving is a locally owned company. We provide our customers with excavating, grading, asphalt paving, asphalt repair, crack seal, gap mastic, seal coat, and striping. Our objective is to provide quality services with a quality product and create long term relationships with our customers and employees.

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