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Why is Grading so important?

Ask any experienced construction professional, and they will tell you that grading is an important part of many construction projects. Simply put, grading is the process of moving large amounts of dirt or gravel from one area to another. Of course, to the layman, this might seem to be unimportant, but this couldn’t be any further from the truth. First of all, the reason grading is important is because proper grading can help you break up the dirt and get it settled for a structure to be built on it. This is important in order to allow for proper draining when the final project has been completed. Moreover, if an area isn’t properly graded, it will not have appropriate runoff for the property owner and could cause a serious flooding risk. Thus, seeing how important the grading process really is, here is some more facts about this important step:

Grading insures the proper foundation for:

  • Patios
  • Sport Courts
  • Driveways


Types of grading equipment

Seeing how important the grading process really is, here are more facts about this important step:

There are different types of grading equipment.

The best type of grading equipment varies with the job that needs to be done, and there are a number of different types that can be utilized. See our question and answer section to the right to learn more about when to use an Excavator or a Bulldozer and the difference between “rough grading” and “fine grading”.

When is an Excavator used?

The first option for a grading job would be an excavator. This grader is a great option for those who have a special job they need done because they can be fitted with special attachments. The excavator is proficient at handling large materials and moving such areas as large holes, trenches and foundations. If you attach a hydraulic arm to it you can do brush cutting. Moreover, the tasks of rough grading, lifting heavy items, difficult mining and dredging stubborn rivers are much easier with an excavator. Another option would be the backhoe loader. This type is often used for smaller digging jobs such as digging out a plumbing line for a house. This is because they are much more proficient than an excavator at fitting in enclosed spaces such as a backyard.


When is a Bulldozer used?

You may also consider bulldozers as an option. These are widely considered to be the most reliable construction heavy equipment available today. This is because they are proficient at moving dirt along heavy land tracts. They can also be utilized for either rough or fine grading. An added bonus would be that the immense size of the bulldozer can help them crush boulders when they are an obstruction. Of course, there is also equipment that is better suited for asphalt grading. These would include milling machines, which can get the surface ready for the asphalt grading process; distributor tanks, which will apply a base coat to the asphalt; dump trucks, which are adept at transport asphalt and other heavy materials to your development target, machine pavers, which make the asphalt look smooth; and asphalt compactors, which compact everything together and provide the final product so that clients can park in your lot.

What is considered a "rough" grading service?

Of course, when it comes to grading, there are many different grading services. First of all, there is the rough grading service, which is normally done before the construction of a new building. This is a critical first step among grading services because rough grading will have to be done correctly. If left in the hands of an inexperienced grader, it could easily result in a rough grade and it could ruin the foundation of the new building.

Residential Grading Services

Another grading service would be the driveway grading option. Having a driveway that is properly graded is sure to help you to maintain the health of your vehicles for a long time. When you couple that with the fact that no one really wants bumpy driving, you can see this is certainly a valuable service.

Patio and landscape grading is also a service that some heavy equipment operators enjoy doing. This service can often help ensure that your backyard area looks as good as possible. It will definitely look much better than a do-it-yourself job. When it comes to grading, if you keep all of these factors in mind it will serve you well with your next grading project.

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