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Gap Mastic

When a crack is larger than 1-½” a more optimal option is gap mastic. Gap mastic is flexible, adhesive, and durable. When this option is needed the representative at Preferred Paving will explain this, and advise only when it is truly necessary.

Asphalt can be replaced very easily. There are many options for repairs, patching, overlays, crack sealing, and seal coat are a few options. Depending on the condition of the asphalt there are many times when doing large crack seals is the easiest and cheapest route.

Gap mastic is very flexible, and works very well in situations where there is a lot of movement. An example of a lot of movement is freeze/thaw cycles. It can be applied for smoothing rough surfaces, and will make the ride of the asphalt smoother.


Frequently asked questions

If you have questions about a project, please don’t hesitate to ask. Our team is happy to offer a free consultation to answer all your paving questions.

What are the benefits of mastic gap repair?

Mastic gap can be a great solution for repairing a crack in concrete. It is flexible enough to give when the surface moves or shifts, and yet durable enough to hold tight over time. Its adhesive qualities help it to not just cover the crack, but actually seal it to keep moisture and other elements from penetrating further into the concrete. This makes repairs with mastic gap especially useful for outdoor surfaces where exposure to weather is an issue. In addition, mastic gap also looks good once applied, making any repair blend in nicely with its environment.

When do you use gap mastic over other methods of repair?

Gap mastic repair concrete can be a great solution when large gaps or joints need to be filled in. It’s strong and secure, providing a long-lasting solution. Not only that, it’s heat and water-resistant making it suitable for outdoor applications such as driveways, walls, steps, pathways and patios.

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